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Primary Structure TC and STC:

  • ATG Javelin 2 Seater Aircraft Metallic and Composite Design Fuselage and Wing structure
  • AeroNimbus 6-8 Passenger Aircraft TC Project Supervision
  • N250-100 70 Passenger Aircraft TC Structural Analysis and Certification Management
  • A319/A320/A321 STC Support for Antenna Installation Skin and Frame FAA DTA Approval
  • 757-200 Airforce 2, Boeing Connection Large Antenna Installation Certification Support
  • 737-7C Winglet Installation - All Airplane structural assessment Certification Support
  • Embraer KC-390 Sponson and Elevator Design development Supervision
  • B737 and Airbus 320 Fatigue and DTA for Various Honeywell Antenna Installations
  • Nexrant Hawker Beechcraft Winglet 400 Installation
  • Embraer KC390 Slat Certification Support
  • MHI MRJ200 Tailcone Certification Support

Client ODA Support:

  • Boeing, as ODA Unit Members in Customer Support Division developing repair plans for Airlines
  • Boeing Defense System ODA Unit Member
  • TIMCO DAS Unite Member

Material and Component Testing:

  • Development and Approval of Composite Allowable Testing Plans
  • EMB-390 Elevator Composite Allowable Design Development Supervision
  • EMB-390 Sponson Composite Allowable Design Development Supervision

VIP and Interior Reconfiguration:

  • Boeing ODA 787 customer configurations (Seat furniture, Monuments)
  • Boeing 787 Ceiling, liners and cargo systems
  • VIP reconfiguration of Boeing 737-NG, 757-200, 747-8, 787-8
  • Airbus A350 Seat furniture and stowage monuments
  • Boeing 767-200, 777-200, 747-400 Interior (Airline) reconfiguration